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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
That seems the kind of advice the AUD and Hermann would give. Hermann is is very practical in his approach. He will tell you the weakness and strengths of your actions and the limited ability's of the AUD. He is honest and straight forward. The AUD is financially limited to say the least. They must pick and choose their battles carefully due to financial constraints. They are quite aware that we are in the same situation. The UBC has much deeper pockets than the rank and file and the battles will be won or lost not on merit but who has the most cash.
    That being said I am speaking out against the lies told by anon when he said the AUD promised lawyers,court action and to create and hold advisory seminars to help us. That was pure BS and proves a pattern of deceit and lies by this council rat. The AUD does not have the funding or staff for any more than possible advisory meetings. Their involvement further would depend on how much money can be raised by the rank and file. That is totally understandable. The AUD never promised to provide lawyers or court action at their expense as was posted here.
       It is an insult to the rest of us for this person, who has spent his entire time here trying to derail any fight against the UBC with misinformation and BS, pretends suddenly to be for the members. He has  attacked every group or person exposing the UBC and the Council rats.Now suddenly he is part of our fight.BS.