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U.S. v International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 92-pages, a case study of Union Democracy in Elections......It appears that this case was why McCarron modeled the UBC as a representative Democracy. (your too dumb to know what's good for ya mindset)

The fact of that matter is, all the Labor Policy advocates & Think Tank Socialists use all union Labor as a giant what if their experiments with working stiffs take 10, 15 or 20 years - they could give a rats ass. All they are ever gonna do is write about it.

Bare in mind, this case is now an old one. The men with the balls to challenge the status quo are dying off, retiring and Doug now has the advantage in knowing that even were members given the Right to Vote back - they wouldn't show up or participate!

Not to mention that McCarron & the UBC have had 15 years to brainwash the new Recruits with the representative democracy crap & socilaist utopia horse-shit.

The only way to take these fuckers down is via Criminal Rico charges. UBC members should be all over Eric Holder, the US Attorney General for Obama, as well as Hilda Solis the Secretary of Labor. The charges also have to involve their co-conspirators at the DOL's Regional offices who are in bed with them & who fail to prosecute good cases & allow the UBC to ignore the NLRA at will.

The path is to follow the money trail for the monies embezzled/stolen from the 39 Regional Council's Pension, Annuity & Helath & Welfare Funds in existance in 2008 (now down to 38 Regional Councils w/ merger of KC-St. Louis). ERISA/EBSA & DOJ Officals need to take the lead through Eric Holders direction & start compiling evidence, handing out indictments & convening grand juries.....

If for whatever reason Doug & his E-Board cannot be taken out that way - then it's gonna have to be Capone style via income tax evasion & finding all the money they stole & deposited to off-shore accounts.

Interesting that Kennth Conboy was involved in the Teamsters case above. Now Hoffa is back in & it's business as usual (wink-wink).

Civil RICO charges & Consent Decrees which spring forth from them clearly do not work, do not rid or end the Corruption & New York's now 16-year consent decree "experiment" is all but a dismal least the Teamsters got the right to vote back. It's what they did with it that hurt them.

RO WALSH should be presented this case & then have a Q & A session with members regarding ending the civil case & pursuing Criminal RICO charges against the UBC. Like the Teamster case, the criminal RICO case should begin in NY.