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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
I have correct your silly misconceptions in the past and now you are too embarrassed to post more of your “facts”.

You have neither the IQ or the tools to correct anything I have posted. The only talent you have is to spread pure UBC propaganda BS which no one but your delusional mind believes. Every poster here has proven over and over what an ignorant assclown you really are and they do it with very little effort. Your posted garbage is never facts or anything worth our time . It is pure bull shit spew to try and make yourself believe your IQ is any higher than my ass hair.Its not. You have nothing and your are nothing more than a UBC rat. You dont deserve our time or our answers.
   You to afraid to run your mouth to anybody in person. You fit right in with McPussy. Cut from the same vaginal cloth. Shut your mouth and go sit with the children where your belong.

  The only thing that has curtailed my posting here is Johns willingness to allow a loud mouth little bitch like you to abuse the posters who really care about the UBC and are really fighting for change.That is his loss.He only hurts the rank and file fight by protecting scum like you.However when the need is there John has my support.
  Here is part of a letter I got from Hermann Benson recently .
Dear Richard,
"Let me take this opportunity to say that I am impressed by what you have been doing. I know how tough it is. I have been at it for decades. I know it is a long haul and I hope you don't get discouraged when the results don't come readily and are hard to achieve"
 What has Hermann had to say about your worthless ignorant ass you UBC rat bastard. Nothing.

  You will not derail,correct or influence me. I will continue to expose and fight your UBC Rat buddies.You could not even carry my tools or the tools of any member here so shu the ... up .