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Anyone can file an injunction, You can do it pro se. Go to the court clerks office they will give you all the forms and advice you need, or you can get them online. The court will give you leinency when you file pre se because they know your not an attorney. The problem with getting the court to issue an injunction you have to prove that whatever act your asking the court to issue an injuction for will cause irreparible harm, not as easy as it sounds. That was the problem we ran into with Judge Haight so many years ago when we asked him to stop the mergers of all the locals. His theory was that the locals could always be put back the way they were. Our theory was you can't unscramble an egg. We were right. What needs to go in front of the court is a complaint that proves the district council is a local union thereby making the council bound by all the rules that a local union is bound by under the LMRDA. We know for a fact that the councils across the country have taken away all the functions of the local unions and that the locals are nothing more than locals on paper or by name, but we have to prove it to the court and then to an appelate court, and then to the supreme court. A Federal Judge has to be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt to find for you because no Federal Judge wants their decision overturned in an appelate court so your case must be air tight.