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anon -"what is funny is that i have called all of these agencies"

When you walk over that threshold instead of simply calling you can have input on this subject, till then as they won't discuss such things over the phone, ask someone who has filed a case. Or is it your too cowardly anon-ymous to actually think that through before posting.
They actually tell anyone who calls that they can not discuss such things and "intake" weeds out potential ambiguities like you anon.

 anon -"i am not impressed with anyone who is all chuffed (delighted ) that they are going to maybe contact someone, pick up the phone and ask questions. stop blathering and start talking."

First: You will be impressed, but for one fact. When all is said and done you won't have your precious consolidation under the councils roof, which you tout as the best thing for us since sliced bread.

Second:  There are those of us who DON'T CALL BUT WALK IN  AND FILE A CHARGE. Or are you so one sided in talking a big talk. You either are frightened to do so or as I can only deduce wish to remain anon-ymous even to the NLRB. They can't hurt you anon, they may dismiss your case but if YOU filed a charge then you wouldn't be blathering. Others & I did not blather ( anon-"stop blathering and start talking")
when we walked through that door, we started talking a long time ago.l

Third: "chuffed" ????????? Allow me to put this in your own perspective. How could I possibly see things the way you see them, because you've allowed yourself to by writing this nonsense.--   I'd be "delighted
 (chuffed) by maybe contacting someone"--------------- Long live anon-the ass !

Ps. Your happy face rhetoric reflects not only the substance of your posts, but your immaturity to hang with the big boys.