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Brother Lebo.Last time.

"Prices case did not teach me about free speech it taught me that I can get an injunction against the UBC. Just so you understand my point. " Your point of Apples and Oranges is your OPINION and one which I do not share so we can agree to disagree

Again.For the 3rd or 4th time. I am NOT disputing it was a freedom of speech case.However to downplay or ignore the action of the Federal Judges in telling the UBC to stick their bylaws in their ass is a disservice to the membership. The rank and file need to see that McCarron is not god and the UBC Bylaws are nothing more than poor toilet paper.
We are dealing with a dictator who believes the UBC Bylaws negates any rights you have under state and federal law or even the US Constitution. We have his cronies telling the membership we are bound by the OBLIGATION to the point where it negates our free speech rights. We have a tyrannical douche bag dissolving locals while bypassing the LMRDA and Trusteeship laws in place to protect our locals to do it. He thinks 6a makes him god free and unencumbered by laws meant for mere mortals but not for King Dougy.We have council rats posting that "basically if its in our Constitution they can do anything they want" Bullshit
   Thanks to Kevin Price we are going to line up the Injunctions long and deep. That us what he has given us. Since I am sure yo have NOT talked to Chris Grant then you are unaware that he has been called by many rank and file Carpenters around the US. California,Oklahoma,Florida,Boston and New York.Not to discuss Kevin prices free speech but to learn how to file a damn injunction against the UBC and use it as a tool.. Many have asked to retain him not to file free speech cases but to file a injunctions against the UBC such as stopping a retaliatory Trusteeship or forcing Council elections.Price showed us that can and did happen.

  You push the apples and oranges cart and I will push the Injunction. Injunction. Whose got the Injunction.Lets move on