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Brother Lebo I am not trying to disrespect you. I am clear it was a freedom of speech case but again the content was secondary in importance to the action taken by a federal judge.He reached into the UBC and told them to stick their constitution in their ass. The relevance for us is that the UBC Constitution is not the untouchable holy grail and we can defeat it.I agree with you the free speech case was a given. I have spoke to Chris Grant the attorney for Price so I am clear on that point. Have you?? Are you clear on the actions of the Federal court and would it give you confidence in challenging the UBC in federal Court. Prices case did not teach me about free speech it taught me that I can get an injunction against the UBC. Just so you understand my point.

Anon I dont need to ask Hermann anything. I have had many conversations with him versus your one and am quite clear what he can and will do. Your making BS claims that the "AUD will take your petition to a court if Walsh or Spencer fails to act". I say your full of shit and the AUD has promised you no such thing. Prove me wrong. Post it or shut up.