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Should I stay or should I go
— by Joel Cook Joel Cook
I have been sitting on the OWL since August 2009 that's 17 months, or 510 days, 12,240 hours, 734400 seconds.  In that time I have filed bankruptcy, lost an apartment and moved from NY back to Florida.  I have gotten fat, and battled depression.  I have burned up a pile of unemployment benefits and had three other jobs.  Two of those jobs were in auto sales and the third as a communications/office manager of a taxi company.  

About two weeks ago I was sitting in my office at work listening to the most obnoxious bellhop bitch about one of my drivers, something I am usually good at dealing with but this guy.... Argg this guy pushed my buttons and honestly if I weren't getting paid to be nice I would have hung up on him.  In the middle of the conversation my cell phone rings "212" well everyone knows what that means, oh and no it was not about a softball game!  I ignore the first call, then about 3 hours later my phone rings again and I answer, I ask about the vacation hold and write all the details down about it.  So I haul ass back to my office and type up my request and fax it off.  I call the next day to confirm receipt and am told the hold is good until the 10th of February.  Here is the thing, I have a friend on the lower east side that can rent me a room for $600.00 a month which includes everything even internet.  

But what do I do?  Do I leave my wife and children, drop this sort of halfway decent job buy a plain ticket and fly to NY?  When I get there what will be waiting for me?  Will I get more than my guaranteed 25 days?  When I get laid off will my unemployment be worth anything?

I honestly want nothing more than to strap on my tools, boots and hard hat and go back to work like a man and make something.  The problem is that I dont trust the carpenters union as far as I can throw it and I am reasonably certain that I will only get work because I am obligated to get it and when the 25 days are up I will be out on my ass again and in worse shape for trying to work in my trade.