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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
"Also I like your idea and will look into it to, "set up in concert with AUD etc, and start an escrow account for contributions for this effort tied to a paypal account or some other way to accept donations from members around the country."

Good idea as long as the AUD is willing to commit themselves to our fight. Anyone who contributes will expect no less. Victory against McCarron will benefit all organized labor. Lest us not forget the UBC enemy's as a source of funding. AFL-CIO and the IBEW to start. Someone call Kevin Price and asked who paid for his attorney

In regards to brotherhood.It is nice to all work together and stop the infighting.We cannot however work for nothing by exposing all our cards to UBC and Council rats.The majority of us here have a common cause. At least one of us do not. We cannot forget that since he got here Anon has done nothing but support the UBC and work to attack anybody on this site who has spoken out against the UBC or Council. I for one do forgive or forget nor do I believe his sudden support for the rank and file. He has worked diligently to derail any efforts to fight the UBC. Showing this rat your cards is the same as giving them to the UBC. I dont care how much he yelled at Franky