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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Anon. I have already had a talk with Hermann about you. Second. Post the proof that the AUD has promised you to take anything to court or shut up. its funny how you post here as if you and the AUD are best of buddies and you and Hermann have been fighting together for years. Your full of shit

Bill Lebo. You missed the point of the Kevin Price case. It was not  the content of the case but the action of the court. Perhaps you should call Kevin himself and thank him for having the balls to tell the UBC to f.. off.Anon our council rat would have us ignore the challenges to the constitution were the fight needs to be waged. He claims they are the holy grail. Cannot be touched. Supersede the world. The significance of the Price case is that a Federal Judge proved they are not. A federal court reached into the UBC and told them they were not bringing anybody up on charges no matter what their byalws said proving you can wipe you ass with it. It is not untouchable. That is the point of the Price case.

  McCarron keeps using 6a to violate our rights and destroy the UBC. It needs to be challenged in federal Court. Unlike Anon we have worked with the AUD. We have talked to Herman Benson and we have talked with Attorneys. Bottom line is we WILL get our temp injunction. The long term outcome of our case is questionable. Why. Not because the UBC Constitution is the holy grail not to be challenged but because the UBC has deeper pockets than us all