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"pursue those through the appropriate lawsuit. "

Absolutley, But isn't it clear setting up a national account for donations will fall outside the lead time prior to McCarron getting his money grubbing mits on more Lcls, Councils & Trades.

I realize this can be reversed with injunctions but short of an ex SCOTUS Judge, of which there are none available, I haven't seen any other firms or esq's ready to step up, something I've got buku experience with.
Cold calling bothLabor & employment lawyers, referrals, $$$$$, AUD ACLU ( yes there is a constitutional aspect to what we face ) NADA, SQUAT..................Still waiting for the more fundamental start, The Brotherhood to come together.

Its poignantly apparent we are enough members nationwide. Of course there is an attorney somewhere who would take this case but for the fact we're not walking in with a check made out for 200k.

With respect to postings which carry yours & the others views as to where the UBC is headed. The formation of area groups on the same plane has taken, I would say some 8 years only to get as far as we are now.  Someone needs to produce a viral video for this express purpose.  Though there is an extremely high # of members not online I ask how would this accomplish the end goal ?  I don't have all the answers but I am well suited to take on many of these challenges. Those who know the personal effort & sacrifice I have committed to can attest to that.

We've got the groups & individuals not to mention the balls, and like you I believe we have the law on our side----------------- Lets get this show on the road already.

And don't say, -  Post your real name that'd be a start.

When & If it appears likely that yours, mine and all other viewpoints on thes subject matter of coming together for this cause seem to producing results, ------------- listman will come out.