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Okay I just read the story about Kevin Price. It has nothing at all to do with 6a or McCarrons power to dissolve locals or place them under trusteeship. I myself in 1996 was brought on charges for speaking against McCarron and the UBCs tactics Causing dissention, violating the obligation and improper harassment of a union member. I was found guilty by the UBCs appointed kangeroo court and fined $1500.00. I appealed to the International, citied my right to dissent under the LMRDA, my right to freedom of speech under the US constitution  and wrote that I'd see them in court. The international over turned the ruling without court. They couldn' t possibly win that. Don't mean to lessen the brothers victory, I think its awesome he stood his ground, but that was an easy win, no court in this land would have would have done any less.