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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
 "and it boils down to them being allowed to do anything as long as it is in our constitution"

Sorry but not true.More pure BS . McCarron is not god and the UBC Constitution DOES NOT supersede the law.Did Kevin Price not just prove that or is it something you just refuse to accept. Did the Federal Judge not just tell the UBC to stick the constitution up their ass as in the Price case.
   Challenging the Constitution,its legitimacy of the legality of its Sections it is the way to defeat McCarron and his ass clowns. You keep trying to steer members away from the path to defeat McCarron by declaring the Constitution the untouchable holy grail. You can wipe your ass with the UBC Constitution. The sooner McCarrons rights under 6a and other Sections are defeated in Federal court the sooner the UBC facade unravels. You go ahead and keep steering members to actions that assure a victory for the UBC. The rest of us are not fooled.

  I would also like you to prove the AUD has promised you, of all people, to present anything to a judge as you keep posting. I will give you a day and then call Herman myself and post his reply.