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Re: Dear Richard, where did this come from?
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
If your council makes a decision, your local is bound to it.  

BS we are not bound to shit and have told the council to go f.. itself

Kangaroo court or not it is a local trail committee and processed by the local eboard which again makes you full of shit.

Stick you magic ball in your ass. Our grievances are processed and filed at the Local and not the council so again your a liar. I know what a grievance is and the process required by the UBC Constitution which our Local and Officers ignore so tell your magic ball to go fuck himself

Our dispatching system is local and will stay local unlike yours in New York so weak this

Our employers dealt directly with our elected Officers until Garrison and Haines has designated a job service rep. They called NOT the Council as they do in NY but Local 370 and were serviced by our elected Officers regardless of council title so again your a liar and clueless