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Re: Dear Richard, where did this come from?
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
"Upstate locals are in the same boat as NYC locals, you are bound by the trusteeship of your district council."

This is what you wrote. It does not say might as well be it says we are. We are not BOUND by shit. Its your delusion.

Which parts do you not get or refuse to accept??

What powers do the upstate locals enjoy that NYC locals do not? "

The change to dealing with employers has just happened as I said over and over. A designated Council job rep was just announced along with the plans for a Council dispatch system WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE.100% mobility.WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE. We do NOT HAVE bylaws that give control of our local to the Council as you do.WE DO NOT have trials or grievances by the council as you do.Stop repeating your BS over and over and then tell yourself its true.