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You've got alot of things wrong or misleading here anon.

I suggest you show yours before you criticize others for doing what you have failed to do.

It wasn't Franco Spencer was addressing, obviously you weren't taking notes.

Franco dials up the rhetoric to 11 because people like you do what it is you do and aren't helping the situation.

And by simply resciting Spencers words your not informing or expressing a view and you have the added adverse benefit of empowering him.

"Frank Spencer denied claims by Dan Franco that he had told Dan that he had appointed them assistant supervisors because they were “team players” , Spencer claims he appointed two crooks as assistant supervisors because he need people who knew how the administration worked."

He called it Institutional Awareness. A pure crock of shit. Like I said if Thomassen didn't give him what he wanted, they should have water boarded his ass in order to get it.

"The real question is, if Frank Spencer is not here to address member concerns, why is he here?
Bottom line is this, Frank Spencer has unearthed very little wrongdoing at the council, has done absolutely nothing about anything that he has found and will only act if he is forced to by Walsh and is creating a local  to allow full mobility in NYC .

Frank Spencer is nothing but bad news for NYC carpenters."

And you've done nothing for the last months but be his choir.