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Re: Dear Richard, where did this come from?
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
"Upstate locals are in the same boat as NYC locals, you are bound by the trusteeship of your district council. "
Again you do not have a clue. We are not under trusteeship. Just because YOU repeat the spew does not make it true. We discussed this very issue at our monthly meeting with the Eastern District President Haines where it was declared in the record that the upstate Locals are NOT in trusteeship the Locals are NOT.
The NYC Locals are bound by the Supervision because unlike the Upstate Locals you have been declared a "member" of the council by the US Attorneys Office so the RO can control you. We are not.

 Our Local Officers have been dealing directly with the employers and still do. The only change is they have come out of the closet and declared themselves council employees only. There are no stewards sent to resolve disputes
You have no clue what our locals do or do not do. Until you do shut your mouth and stop posting propaganda that fits your ignorance and agenda.If the council had the complete control of us as you claim and we should all roll over and give up as you would like why are they threatening our charter if we do not vote in bylaws without the wording "You will be bound by council bylaws" What difference would it make.

John may be all giddy because you were able to make a moron like Spencer look silly. I am not impressed. I still think your a rat and a punk and someday I hope we get to meet and you can run your mouth to my face.