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Re: one member,one vote, union till i die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— by listman listman
Bill if you build this mail in ballot machine, - will they come ?

The fear is, its too late for that.  This may be what spencer said in the Magazine re: the council being irreparable and that would suit the UBC just fine.  
I want this also but what % of them will pick up a pen or push a keyboard. Lets call them the fence guys, they want to be involved but aren't.

A)    Ok there's those who can never remove fear or disbelief that this council & UBC will ever be different than it has been, is today, or will ever again be when looking to the working man instead of the company or criminals. This was a deliberated debate within themselves and unless there's marked improvement they won't come.

B)     The fact there are those who chose for the past 10 or more years chose not to be informed at all and wish to remain so.  Happy to get what they can each year with the union then filling their families bellys working for cash or poverty wages, not union educated enough, nor will someones campaign touch them et al.  Can't slight them given the OWL.
They won't come.

C)    Then knock off the cronies who'd tow the same line anyway.

Irregardless of McCarrons moves at present unless there's something colossol , I'm talking cleansing, indictments of DC/lcl management, employers & stewards, and we all know there's plenty to get colossol about re: firings and accountability, the vacum created by the confluence of A, B, & C will remain and they will not come.

One such suggestion would be to incorporate a day room at the Council wherefore the purpose is invitving members to be informed, not just by a single mailed 4 color fold out of men they don't know.
Even if they have a candidate in that ring he's got to be part of something like this, though I hope his table was empty.

I'm not telling the council and its candidate they should provide a forum for their opponents rather;

The council, given staistical information, has a duty to remove the stains of the previous years when it comes to elections.  Moreover the past 30 years racketeering went on with high voter turnout, Twice over with Forde it was unfortnately descimated.
Better for a union to be equipped for the electioral process at all.
If thery don't want us to have this clarity, Then they've got to go.