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Re: Spencer receives a warm welcome from local 157
— by Ted Ted
Spot on - they are already doing the 4-10's routine in NERCC, with no OT, they initiated a Prevailing Wage Carryover, so Contractors can pay at the PW Bid Rate vs. our Contract Wage Rate, they are now negotiating 60%, 70% & 80% rate jobs, further splintering & dividing the rank & file members, and have reversed the Journeyman to Apprentice Ratio from 5 to 1 & simply flipped it the other way....5 Apprentices, 1 Journeyman.

Comrade Mark Erlich, EST has eliminated the Council E-Board from any/all decisions in every matter & he now has complete unfetterred Dictatorial Control on every matter pertaining to the Union.

He is a commie fucker, he has a big mortgage on the new Carpenter Center, so he needs cash workers (Illegal's) & the regular band of homo's....meaning the DADT crowd of Union Sellouts who fight to sit in the bosses lap at coffee & lunch & who think a 60% rate job is a wonderful thing to rack up the man-hours, monthly dues & weekly work assessment (the vig, the tribute) so he can pay down the Mortgage, Avoid the Fed's & keep writing mindless blather in DISSENT & other Socialist Rags whilst pretending to be a "LABOR HISTORIAN".

Erlich continues the lie of "we have 24k Union Caprenters....try 16k.....8,000 have walked away, man-hours are down 60& & this clueless twit sits on his fat ass doing nothing for the member while $15-Billion of work is waiting to get built.

The reason for this is simple: He has never worked in the PRIVATE SECTOR & has no clue on how business is done or how it gets done, so he has nothing to offer, he has no ability to lead & can only do the the rah, rah horse-shit of standouts, sign-building, handing out T-shirts & reading dreams of my father by his hero OBAMA.

Whether you realize it or not, the UBC is full of IDIOTS like Erlich whose only priority is the Socialist Utopia of the re-distribution of wealth. In 10 years they will be replacing the Illegal Aliens we have here now with Foreign Nationals who will work for 30%, 40% wage & benefit rates. Then, Erlich will be in Heavan and he can write another lame-dick pice for DISSENT.

The real kick in the balls Ladies is this: NONE OF WHAT HE PREACHES FOR YOU WILL APPLY TO HIM, re: ALL LIBERALS ARE HYPOCRITES - SO ERLICH & OTHER EST'S, BA's ORGANIZER's etc will continue stealing your money & making the fat wages & 2-1/2 for 1 year worked Pension & Annuity Retirement for themsleves while selling you all down the River to Hell, to Oblivion.

Frank Spencer is cut from the same cloth..........Hi, welcome to NYC Central Dispatch....enter U-Number, computer voice says "you are number 13,791 on the list, please call back in 2017".