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Relying on voter turnout #'s to get a good man in WILL FAIL. PERIOD.

I wish, I dream,  but more real than Forde doing 11 years is the fact and Walsh quoted the stats, - one half of one % or something like that..
We know Derrico's/.157 cronies are greater in number than that
The vacum which exists, scuse me, they created assures this defeat.
Good luck with that election thing

Unless there's a 9-11 type tragedy like the pension going bust or men loosing 50% or more of their benefits you too must understand the #'s just aren't there.  Unless you put a car in every garage I mean literraly give each voter 20K, - just not gonna happen within the time frame alloted. Don Quijote - "THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE DREAM."  

Turnout was terrrible Thurs eve. there wasn't but 500 ( if that ) of 11K men.
Lofty goal putting a good man in ?
Most left when 157 business started. What does that tell you.
No one gives a shit about meetings and there's good reason for that.

What it tells me is men came out for the chance to drill Spencer.
We need more information but Spencer will not any time soon put himself in the position of recieving those volley's members throw at him. So no chance other than accepting a completley appointed eboard------------------NO !

Retired or otherwise you could do better Mr. Lebo, or at most cheer from the sidelines.

If you are made of the right stuff, as I'm slowly loosing this understanding of your particular history in 1999, what happened between then & now, where'd you go, what'd you do, who did it to you, Or did you get a full time gig ? WE WILL NOT FAIL even if we do not get an appointment on Pennsylvania Ave.