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I've gone thru this before. I know what can and can't be accomplished. The best thing that we can do now is to get the membership on a realistic course of action and that takes time. In my local that starts with getting members to meetings. Not an easy task, so I've asked members to go to their jobsites and educate other members or call members they know. It starts small. As they say educate, agitate, and organize. It's not 1995, the system in place has weakened most of the memberships resolve. One post says their is no need for locals, but locals gave us a sense of pride, loyalty and dedication to something  tangible. For many it seems to be difficult to grasp the idea of a unified council. I understand it.I understand that since the inception of the owl and the appointment of BA's the locals became nothing more than ghost locals or social clubs, but the local union still seems to be important. If it wasn't no one would care if Douglas J dissolved their locals but they do. I look to the future, right now I don't think we could muster the members to move on the coucil the way we did in the past and even back then the results were small. The court will side with the RO and quit frankly I think Dennis Walsh will do the best job he can for us. Mike did the best thing that could be done right now by filing for elections, looking to the future. We need to put the cleanest, most uncorruptible man we can find in as EST and I really believe that is Mike Biello. I plan to retire in November and I want someone in there that I know will do the best thing for this membership, so that my, and I say my pension stays secure and this union goes on and gets stronger. If anyone can do something that can stop McCarrons machine that isn't crazy, makes sense, and has the potential of getting something done that will have a positive outcome, I'll be more than happy to do whatever I can to help. But until that comes to pass, I have to be satified with what I'm doing. If you know me as you say you do. you know I put my time in. I spent 6 years fighting the good fight. The members of this council vote for their council officers because of that fight, because of me and two other carpenters who brought that issue to the courts attention. for all the good that did us. This time around we need to put the right man in the seat and keep the crap out. I can't say I'm not bitter that we're back in the same place we were so many years ago. In fact, we're in a worse place (drugs in the council, unbelivable, doing what they did after all we had been through) and in a sense we're in a better place because a guy like Mike Biello has a far better chance than he would have had back then. Anyway that's just how I see things, just my opinion.