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— by Pat Brady Pat Brady
I came to this meeting with an open mind. I listened to everything that was said. To everyone speaking from the dais and from the membership. First, I would like to give out a straight shooter award to Dennis Walsh. He said a few things that were telling such as the U.S. Attorney's Office believes that full mobility will lead to the elimination of corruption in the District Council. I almost fell off my chair. Full Mobility will lead to even more corruption only this time it will be on the contractor's side. This how ever seems to be fine with Federal Goverment which has had an anti-union bias for as long as I can remember going back to the '80's. Let us call full mobility what it is and that is 100% job referral by the contractors. Once all the power is put in the contractor's hands 4 for 5 and cash on weekends will become the norm as will many other options that no one has even heard of that will be implemented. I myself have never been allergic to working but I have seen first hand how contractors exploit workers. We will be going from the frying pan into the fire if this happens. I am no great fan of my past local's leadership. I can still remember my father asking me who were the officers and trustees at my first meeting. He would say to me "Yes, I worked with him" or "Yes, I know of him" and then he turned to me and said "They are a bunch of crooks". That being said we are much better off with a union leadership that is independent of company control than one that is under the influences of of company control.