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I honestly do have the utmost respect !   I don't think you actually could know, if you don't know me.
Maybe someday we'd correct that.

Understand the Monicker, --- Be the Monicker.  Could be part of the proof which gets them out working on it as we speak.

Yes he is a liar.

Unlike the su(e) the name & principal do not denote fear.
The site's purposes are right & good, and I thank U SU. But since the moonstruck guys are on board concentration on forward thinking stewards aleady known is much more appropriate.
They just could have saved us all a shitload of time had they come out earlier, but as we go on................

The work presently underway may not be of the heavenly category of testifying to Congress but thus far it has tangibly helped I mean made a difference in individuals lives and awareness of being  played. There's  notice of it by those opposing it and its in face to face mode locally & collectively.
How many regional councils were grouped as one back then ?  Thats happened.
And if the agencies don't listen this time maybe next !  They will.
Maybe a SCOTUS Judge will volunantarily retire and take such a case ?  

So Bill with the utmost respect as I stated before, you just don't know. But I'll go to the mat trying.

One more thing.       Are you out of the game or not calling anyone, cause we've not heard from you ?
Your note sounded pretty defeatist if you don't mind me saying.