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— by albert-mcguire1876 albert-mcguire1876
As a rule, not requiring more work experience to be a BA than a steward doesn't make sense. But targeting a bilingual union sister who completed her apprenticeship and has been selected to potentially become a BA is bad form! The District Council already has a BA who is not a mechanic, and was with the Unity Team; his name is Paul Pietropaolo. The sister "bill lebo" refers to may be a committed unionist, and possess specific skills required by our organization. I ask my fellow Carpenters to have heart, and think before you post. We need persons with strength of character and a sense of solidarity to represent and protect the interests of the membership. There are obvious examples of men who worked in the field going on to establish decade spanning, corrupt father-son political dynasties within the NYCDCC. What do we prefer: quality or quantity? Condemnations may be better directed at persons who did not pass the grade, and are already ensconced in positions of power, but that requires courage. Meanwhile let's all congratulate, not alienate, the sister who did stick with the union; for she stood up for herself, and may now be in a position to stick up for us.