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— by bill lebo bill lebo
I wouldn't believe a thing any UBC rep says at this point. We've seen this before. They want to keep us as calm and quiet as possible while they do exactly what they said they weren't going to do. They merge and dissolve locals throwing them into chaos and by the time the members get enough momentum to do anything its too late.
It really doesn't matter, we can't do a thing about it at this point.
Besides, bottom line is, we did this to ourselves. They didn't elect Forde,Thomassen,or Greeney, we did. I'm as guilty as anyone, in fact I'm ashamed to say I supported them in the 1st election. I didn't think there was much more of a choice.
We always seem to put people in office who are the power brokers and they always seem to be the ones who are the most corrupt. We never choose the guys that has been out in the field breaking his back in the trenches next to us, the ones who know what are problems are, and what we go through. The candidates who run because they really want to make this a better union and not because they want to stuff their pockets with ill gotten money. Looking back there were choices that would have made a big difference, candidates that very few of us took seriously. Men that were considered dissidents and reformers. These guys had the balls to stand up to the power brokers and spoke up when they saw something wrong.
These candidates were the likes of Mike Biello and Gene Clark.
But no, we went with Forde who turns out to be a thief and drug addict.
I can guarantee one thing, if we had elected Mike Biello or Gene we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now, we wouldn't be under trusteeship, we would have actually had elected officials that cared about the members. What a concept.
Anyway, we are under trusteeship so we're going to have to deal with whatever the UBC throws at us.
However, when we do get the chance to elect new council officers, and we will, I hope that no mob creeps or common scumbag criminals will get past Dennis Walsh's scrutiny.
 This time around we can't afford to screw up, this time I hope we are all smart enough to realize that it's time to elect guys like Mike Biello and Gene and keep the likes of Forde out.