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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
   As you can see Mr.Benson despite the propaganda of the NY Carpenter McCarron has not squeezed the life out of all locals and we are still a qualified “labor organization” We will not be for long if the rank and file are dissuaded from action by the misinformation and defeatism of your article which has already been seized upon by the International propagandist “NY Carpenter” .While we are victims of many of the powers you attribute to the Council and its EST we are still not totally controlled and still have some rights. We are about to lose all those rights and complete domination imposed on us by the International and Empire Council. We are about to become the very picture of doom and gloom you paint in the article
What shall we do? Roll over and live with it. Shall we to be the victims as many of the rank and file across the country have become including NYC. Shall we do nothing as the others did and then reap what our inaction and lack of fight sows? I think not. We will fight to save our locals from the council dominance that is presently imposed on the NYC Locals and not matter what propaganda the shill from the UBC International whom Mr. Benson refers to as the “One carpenter in New York” we will not lay down and just give our local over to the corruption that is the UBC Council system. The corruption that is exemplified by the New York City Council. The corruption that is the nest of low life common criminals as is exemplified by the NYC and other UBC district councils. Corruption still being nurtured by Spencer and McCarron even under the scrutiny of Dennis Walsh. A corrupt cesspool spearheaded by the Spencers, Garrisons and Glenns under Douglas McCarrons UBC. Win or lose we will not give our local over to this corruption without a fight. We will fight and not be deterred despite the agenda of this so called “NY Carpenter” so careful not to use his own name. We will fight and not be deterred despite the tripe posted by this NY carpenter so careful not to expose his true identity and therefore his true agenda with his own name. This discussion was not initiated by this shill to engage Mr. Benson in an earnest discussion on the plight of the Locals. It was initiated to further his ongoing propaganda mission to deter any opposition of the rank and file to Spencer and McCarron. I am afraid Mr. Benson has taken the bait and given us an article that despite its merits is already being pointed to with the declaration that The Esteemed Hermann Benson says the Locals are worthless and do not fight for them    
          We do not accept the assumption that we are the same powerless shells as many of the UBC Locals are. We are still alive and will fight to remain so. That is not to say we are not under attack to put that final nail in our coffin and to make us the same “non labor organizations”  that is the reality of many UBC Locals described by Mr. Benson. Reduced to the status of “social clubs” where members get to chat and blow off steam but nothing else. Regulated to the same oblivion that is the NYC Locals. Victims of the destruction the UBC with their man “Hatchet Jack” Tom Garrison are moving to impose on the upstate locals, The same destruction that we are told we must vote in place or they will pull our charter.

     One has to wonder why, if we are indeed the same mere shells as the NYC Locals and other UBC locals, are they threatening our local’s charter if we do not vote in Local bylaws giving complete control of our local to the Empire Council at February’s meeting. If the UBC International has the right, according to the UBC Constitution bylaw sections repeatedly posted online by the “NY Carpenter” propagandists, to complete control of the locals why is it we must pass these bylaws by vote or else. Why the need for the or else??? Why. Because the UBC propaganda is a lie. Why. Because despite the foregone conclusion of Mr. Bensons accepted reality we are NOT dead yet. With the right financial backing, with the right labor attorney and with our chance in court we could defeat the UBC machine at its own game. Look to our brothers in the North to see McCarron has already had his head handed to him. Look to our BC brothers and sisters who successfully extracted themselves from the yoke of McCarron and the UBC. How was that possible if as the propagandists would have you believe the UBC International and their crime infested Councils has every right to complete control of the Locals. How is that possible if Mr. Benson’s woeful conclusion is correct and the locals are lost? How was this fight won if the locals have “clearly lost the right to designation as "labor organizations??” Look to the success of Kevin Price or the CUDI of a not to distant past.

   There are clear distinctions between our locals and the New York City locals and in his thesis I find Mr. Benson is many times confused between legitimate, although rather ambiguous, UBC Constitutional bylaws, and the garbage called council bylaws which are illegally imposed on the Locals. He intertwines them and gives the reader the impression these share the same legitimacy. They do not!! These garbage bylaws are imposed on the Locals not because they are legal and legitimate, as is the propaganda lie perpetuated by the UBC and their shills such as this “NY Carpenter”., but because and only because as Mr. Benson has recently stated. ” Douglas McCarron and the UBC have deeper pockets than the rank and file and would be almost impossible to beat.” One would wish that Mr. Benson did not present these garbage bylaws in such a light as to mislead the rank and file and give the impression they are UBC Constitutional bylaws which we must be bound by. The fact is they are imposed on the locals by criminals with deeper pockets and better lawyers. Perhaps the battle would be futile but to not fight is how the NYC and other UBC Locals got where they are in the first place. For members not to be educated is how the locals have been lost one after another. Swallowed up by the corruption of McCarrons Council system. To let some UBC propagandists bully them in to submission is how they got here in the first place. I for one will not take that road. Perhaps the deep pockets and new friends will materialize for us as we hope. Perhaps they will not. I for one will not concede our Local, our democratic rights or my need of the brotherhood of organized labor to a corrupt mob infested Council system without a fight.