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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Let it be said before we start that Mr. Benson has my greatest respect. He has many years in the fight for organized labor and his knowledge is beyond that which ten men or women could hope to achieve in a lifetime. As we like to say in the job. “I could not even carry his tools: However. Dare I say that I do NOT accept Mr. Bensons premise that our locals are mere social clubs and we have “clearly lost the right to designation as labor organizations" I would hope that Mr. Benson will accept the following as a rebuttal to his position and an open debate of his conclusions. I hope he does not take this as personal disrespect.
        To accept Mr. Benson’s argument is to concede that all the UBC locals are the same emasculated shells that are the New York City Council affiliated locals. We are not!! We also have not been further emasculated by the US Attorneys Office who in a legal brief, and rather erroneously I might add, declared “all locals, their officers and rank and file are “members” of the Council. They are NOT and we are NOT ‘members” of any council. This lie was told by the US Attorneys office so that their can be no argument against the Review Officers power. I for one would love to see that designation argued before an unbiased Judge and court. There are clear distinctions between our situation and structure and that of the NYC locals which clearly still qualify us as “Labor Organizations”. To simplify let me just say our Locals upstate are not dead yet as is the case with the NYC and many other UBC Locals decimated by McCarron and his cronies like Glenn, Spencer and Garrison.

To start with like the NYC District Council and the Empire Council are in Trusteeship and presently both are being raped by the International crew. Unlike the NYC situation the upstate locals are not in Trusteeship the council is. We are not bound by the trusteeship on the Local level. In NYC just because the Council is in trusteeship the Locals are as well. In the upstate locals, even though in violation of the UBC Constitution, the trials of members are processed and conducted at the Local level. Special dispensation has not been given to the Locals as required and the trial protections laid out in the Constitution are ignored. In NYC all trials are conducted at the Council level. The trials however are still processed by the Local executive board and tried by a local kangaroo court. In the upstate locals we still dispatch our workers from the locals out of work list and by individual Local dispatchers. In NYC and other UBC Councils workers are sent out by the Council with a council wide dispatcher. Hatchet Jack Garrison is going to force us into a council wide dispatching system like the corrupt one in NYC by mid March if we do not beat him in court. This includes 100% mobility. A contractor can come into the Albany area with his entire crew and not hire a single Albany member. That is fact as detailed by Garrison on December 13,2010So we to can be. In the upstate Locals we deal directly with employers and not the council. This system is presently under attack as we speak and the council is moving against our jobs and with no bylaws yet in place giving control to the council they have started appointing council job reps. Here At local 370 we do not have any bylaws voted on by the membership which give complete control of the Local to the Empire Council. Here at Local 370 we do not even have any bylaws at all as required by law.