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Re: Dear Richard, where did this come from?
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Dont get to giddy. I have an answer coming for  Mr. Benson. Also

"the first real argument against simply dissolving the locals does not come from a carpenter."

 Mr. Benson does NOT advocate dissolving the locals and you just cannot resist your propaganda BS.

"They have to be able to be involved in real discussions on real issues." There will be no discussions with you. Your not interested in discussions. When anyone exposes your propaganda BS you resort to name calling while hiding behind your keyboard.

It is a shame that John has let what was once a such a great informative site visited by those who care about our union go in the crapper so he can protect the likes of you. In that you have been successful in your mission. Go get a Franky gob

As far as your boy Franky goes tell him he can kiss my ass. He will be closing my Local only if the Judge tells him he can.We are not the empty emasculated shells that are the NYC Locals. Not yet at least. We may not be victorious but we will put up a fight.We will not roll over and play dead. We certainly will not be deterred or discouraged by your UBC propaganda bs