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— by mike mike
That "5th year apprentice" you just called out was a Golden Hammer Winner and a working mechanic. Enough about carpenter skills.  This person also has her College Undergrad from a Ivy school and A Master Degree.  Has spend the majority of those five years volunteering time to all aspects of this union.  MOST important question???? IS This person QUALIFIED? YOU BET YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!  And in top of it all, the most honest and ethical person I have ever worked with.  The fact that you, a "season" person does not know steward qualifications, says plenty.  Anyone outside NYC knows the 5 year at "journey level" pre-steward qualification is the most backward and unfair stipulation.  So an asshole can buy their book and five years be a steward, but the apprentices that we pay to educate have wait ten years?  AND in top of all that, the qualifications to be a steward I had as a third year apprentice. Complete joke! Yet people can't seem to stay on top of these certs.  I tell you what you need as a steward: BIG SET OF BALLS to stand up and put your ass on the line.  How many of those do we have these days?   Bill, your observation is full of bitterness.  Ask the right questions: Who can work the best for this union?  And you could not find a better person that this 5th year apprentice!