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Thanks Tester;

Another way of wording it is:

I don't understand how compliance with the International Agreement is enforced. It seems like there are a lot of companies that use the IA so they don't have to comply with the work rules, like having an excessive number of carpenters on a job without a steward, and not using the OWL. I understand the IA is set up supposedly to allow companies "mobility thus making them more competitive. But if there isn't a shop steward on the job, how can the union know work rules are being complied with? It appears that the IA ultimately diminishes the effectiveness of the union. What I want to know is: what is the actual wording of the IA? Does it include policy for companies that violate the agreement? Is it up to the BA to enforce the rule; does an member need to file a grievance for action to be taken; is there a set fine? How often is the rule actually enforced in NYC? Except for cash jobs, aren't all violations traceable with the computer system?