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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
"I know I have sent letters to Spencer" I say prove it. Give them to John to post on this site.Show us you NLRB letters while your at it.

"We all want the same thing, we all want the rank and file to have a greater voice in this Union"
   Sorry John but that is jut not true. This guy wants nothing of the sort. His entire mission is to get the rank and file to give up any fight or opposition to the present system and to post propaganda and lies to support McCarron,Spencer and his corruption. When he cannot support a single thing he spews he resorts to name calling as he hides behind his keyboard.He has been a punk and a coward since he got here.Not name calling but fact.Go back and look. I can be as big an there is but not until I am attacked. But this guy has attacked EVERY SINGLE poster opposed to McCarron and his regime.EVERY OTHER POSTER on this site but YOU see that very clearly.

  You made one true statement .You cannot control the council corruption therefore you cannot give up our locals to some council rat bastards. NYC has proven that in 30 years they cannot stop the council corruption even with the US Attorney and a consent decree. So give it up. A council system is a complete failure and we will not give up our locals to them.
   The problem with the Local argument is that we other UBC members have not rolled over and played dead for the council as the NYC members have done.(not by choice) Our locals are not dead as yours are. We dispatch our own members .We control our jobs. We are not in trusteeship as you are JUST because your council is. We are still alive and will fight to remain so. However we are now and have been under attack to be put under the same yoke you have carried in NY for 20 years. We will not hand that over to some council rat bastards without a fight. Under our local system we have never had a mob connected ass clown in charge of our funds. Under the Empire Council we had Olivieiri as fund Chairman. Our Pension fund stayed local and was not merged with the council and lost nothing to Madoff.  Maybe your locals are gone but ours are not. And we will not tolerate some McCarron propagandists to say they are.You CANNOT stop the Council corruption even after 30 years .Until you do then Walsh ideas of dissolving locals are pure wishful thinking. We must support the locals and locals power until you show us a council system free of corruption we can give up our locals to. You act as if you have one for the near future when in fact neither you nor Walsh have a single thing to offer. What are we to do in the mean time. Hand our locals over to the council corruption that exists. NO!!!! We will fight to free ourselves from this corrupt system and retain our local power and identity. This is not sentimental. This is survival and we will not let Garrison put the final nail in our coffin.Spencers actions speak for themselves. McCarrons actions against Walsh speak for themselves. They have continued to appoint and attempt keep in power the same corrupt elements. If not for Walsh you would still have the rats in power. Remember we do not have an RO to help us fight off these corrupt bastards. We have begged the US Attorney ,DOL,NLRB and ERISA for help and they have done nothing. We have to fight them on our own and we will. We will not go quietly and end up like our NYC brothers and sisters.We have to work to expose these council rats and McCarrons corruption and we will

      Many rank and file members come here to fight for the rights of the rank and file. YOU INSULT US when you try to include this council mouth piece as one of us. The next blogger this guy calls an idiot or moron and you do nothing about I for one will be done with your site.