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Re: UBC International Refuses right Under 25 b to create local bylaws
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
"nothing to stop McCarron from dissolving local 370" Ohh Scary anon . We should not act and let Mccaron do what he wants. Thank you annon for showing us how futile it is to fight back. Go tell your handlers you did your job and get you mouth full of UBC goo.
   Stick your propaganda. If McCarron was going to dissolve 370 he would have done so already. The UBC wants a neon light presence in Albany for some reason which includes a carpenters local. They could pull our charter and give it to a new local put the same trouble will be a member of that local as well and McCarron and his scum hatchet man Tom Garrison will be in Federal court no matter what. There will soon be only 2 locals in upstate New York and only 3 apprenticeship schools one being the NYC school somewhere near Yonkers. One will surely be in Albany. If McCarron and his scum want 370 they are going to fight for it.Not one bit of your propaganda BS will make a bit of difference .

 "I talked to the NLRB" Your a liar.You have not talked to anybody except some council rat who feeds you your  propaganda and goo.  

 For the rest of us. Lets start our national solidarity effort right here. Every time this clown posts refuse to engage him. We respond with a reply. That reads.
"John as blog owner we ask you to ban this clown for the sake of the majority. This coward has nothing constructive to add and posts pure UBC Propaganda and misinformation meant to deter members from fighting back. Since he came to this blog he has done nothing but abuse those who oppose the council and their rats. He has attacked every single anti corruption presence that has come to this site and does nothing for the good of the membership. You have lost many good voices from this blog due tho this cowards BS. I demand the right of Freedom of speech and respect opposing opinions but this cowards record speaks for itself. Since he came here he has routinely abused all other blogger's opposed to McCarons oppressive regime,posted lies and misinformation and tired to disrupt all attempts by other members to join together in the common goal of reclaiming our Union.Enough is enough.Let your bloggers have  vote on the matter. Let the majority decide as is the democratic way.