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Thank You Brothers and Sisters
— by Wayne Harley Wayne Harley

We would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to visit our web-site. We have been surprised at how many hits our site has been getting. To those of you that have had the courage to join our web-site and place your name on it, as special thanks, it takes a lot of courage to take a stand. There has been a lot of communications coming in, both positive, containing information on litigation across the country and on people we should research, and there has been a lot of communications ranging from defeated to negative.
To those of you who have responded to our web-site positively, and want to concertedly try to preserve our union, as an organization that represents the carpenter, we have taken your comments, research and case histories, and we are using them. To those of you that are not quit as positive, that we the member, can make a difference, It's our job to make believers out of you. You are our brothers and sisters and we need you to believe that there is no better system than democracy, that we need democracy in our unions to preserve a voice in our workplace, and that "We The Members, Can Make A Difference".
To start with, we want to address some of the "not so positive" comments.
1.   To those of you that have suggested to us, that the Regional Councils now have all the powers of the locals, and the locals have become money pits that should be closed. We must respectfully disagree. The union is an organization of representation of the member. It's primary duties are to represent the voice of the employee in their working lives and facilitate them in organizing their trade. Unions started as locals, designed for the members to meet privately, so they could organize themselves, their trade and to elect their representatives. The councils came later. Every time the UBC merges locals, they reduce the ability of us, the individual member, to participate in our conditions of employment, as well as the internal business of our union. Every time UBC merges locals, we look less desirable to our non-union brothers and sisters and our union's membership declines. Every time the UBC merges locals, and our membership declines, we represent a smaller portion of our market and become less competitive. The local union is the heart of our union, if we allow it to be destroyed, we allow our representation to be totally destroyed. The outcome will be our Regional Council, being used by our Employers, as an employee phone referral hall. With the small, tightly knitted staff that remained and the inability for members to travel to the one meeting hall, try to change the system. We say, we need to restore the system now while we still have some ability to, and for those brothers and sisters that sit around waiting for somebody else to do something, your actions do not compliment us as "American Union Workers".

2.   To those that write saying, we're wasting our time, that the UBC will not change course, no matter what the members say. We again, must disagree. Numbers have always mattered, as long as there is any democracy left and we have a few small avenues if we work together to keep them free from conflict of interest. We also have the added resource of laws, many of the actions of the UBC and Regional Councils, we believe, have stepped beyond any grey areas. We are researching and taking actions and many other carpenters and groups of carpenters, around the country, are taking legal actions. The only way you won't make a difference, is if you believe you can't make a difference.