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Re: UBC International Refuses right Under 25 b to create local bylaws
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
"No one wants a group of activists of any persuasion to take over one meeting and thus change a 100 year old By-Law. Make sure they go by all of (your) rules." Can you elaborate on what you mean by this.

Council bylaws are NOT our bylaws. Who is "no one"?? The International or the Council which does not want the Local to exist?If a bylaw is BS what difference does it make if a group of members, activists or not, come to a meeting and legally changes a bylaw 100 years old or not?

 In our case there are not rules that the Council rats or our Local Council employees feel they need to follow. They do not go by "any" rules.This call to work on the bylaws by by a special cal mailing. Three days before the meeting. So much for the proper notice rule. We were given two hours to hammer out bylaws to govern our locals future. Which rule shall we quote for that one which we should have followed. What was expected was for us to approve bylaws giving the council complete control over our local.That did not happen so now they want to null and avoid the meeting and the actions/motions and votes that took place. What rule of thiers /yours/ ours should we have followed.

First. We have not had local by laws in place since 1995. When we tried to make motions to write our OWN "consistent" bylaws we were refused and told we would be in violation of Council bylaws.Suddenly in 2010 the International told our Local that we HAD TO HAVE local by laws. The reason for this is that the Internationals Thomas "Hatchet Jack" Garrison is going to take over our Locals,our jobs and our job dispatching. He needs to have a voter approved document from our local members that states we agree to be bound by Council bylaws and agree that the council owns us. He does not have that now. He can then impose the same corrupt dispatch system which the NYC District Council crooks have been abusing for years.
    So much for the BS premise that the UBC Constitution in any way gives the Councils legal control over the Locals.To further put this  BS puppy to rest McCarron in Federal has declared that the Council has "no legal binding authority over the Locals or outside its own subordinate body" While 26F gives the council the right to bring to trial members who violate council bylaws this refers only to the council bylaws that can be applied to local member as per the UBC Constitution which are very few. The section DOES NOT mean the local member has to be bound and obey any bylaws some council douche bag wants to write. Those who want the Locals to be controlled by the Councils point to every ambiguous section of the UBC Constitution and say see the council can control you and hope the members are to stupid to see through the BS. They also choose to ignore the plan fact that the Councils may write bylaws for their own MEMBERS which we are not and never will be. Regardless of the BS the US Attorneys Office has declared so Walshs Office could control them we are "affiliated with" the Councils and not "members of". We will be controlled by OUR rules but they can stick the council bylaws in their ass. Also for the record. Even though multiple areas of the UBC Constitution says that the Locals affiliated with a district council must have their members tried by the council unless they have special dispensation from McCarron our local refuses to do it. Our members are brought before the Local executive board and tried by a local trial committee. Such is the corruption of the UBC at local 370. Our members are also tried ,fined and expelled with out the protections of 3/4 of the trial procedures listed in the UBC Constitution. These rules and procedures have never been followed at all and the majority of our members have been brought to trial in direct violation of the UBC Constitution. The International has refused to remedy this or protect our members despite repeated cries for help by certified letter. Such is the corruption of the UBC and Local 370.
     You indicated that changes are supposed to be cumbersome to change. We are not changing any bylaws. Again it is assumed that WE HAVE to accept any old bylaw or set of bylaws the UBC or some Council douche bag sends down the pike just because the International or Council says so. WRONG AGAIN!! We will create and be governed by bylaws we create as dictated by the UBC Constitution and not dictated by somebody's whim. We were taking a set of bylaws for a base and deleting or adding to satisfy the will of Local 370 members to be submitted for vote and then approval by the International. If they do not approve them they will do so in writing and with a statement of reason so we have legal recourse in court. What do you think we should do?Whatever the International or Council tells us? If they call us up and they say we are not approving your bylaws because Rocky and Bullwinkle do not like them and you wrote them in blue ink are we to say yes mistress may I have another. We are going to demand an refusal in writing. We are going to demand a statements of reasons for the refusal and those reasons are going to be backed up by the UBC Constitution and not because some jack ass like Brian Quinn says so. If the refusal is not legit we are going to take their ass to court until the voice of the Local members are heard.
   It would be nice if somebody followed the rules bit it seems the Council and International are above them. we held our meeting according to the rules. We created our bylaws according to the rules. We are preparing them for a final vote according to the rules. Suddenly Hatchet Jack does not like the fact that he was not given the power to control our local as he wanted. Now there are no rules. We are told to act as if the meeting, motions and votes never happened. We are told we MUST vote on and accept bylaws that give control of our local to the council. We are told that we can have local bylaws but they have to be neutered first. BS. The International and council can kiss our ass.