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— by Wayne Harley Wayne Harley
Thanks Richard,
They will not discourage me, they have ruined my ability to support my family. I have hardley worked in the last 2 years and have no choice but to sell my house. Where does a Union carpenter go to work? I cant get work withUnion contractors because they hire non-union carpenters or illigals. All the union contractors here in Florida do not honor their signatory contracts and the worthless EST wont do anything to help. If you look at what they are doing they are destroying us from within.They opened a new local to do Interior systems last month, $14.00 per hour and no benifits. They will not give anyone a copy of CBA or by-laws. They are hiding something they wony even produce a copy of the locals charter. We are taking leagal action against the council and all involved with the criminal activities going on in Florida. Also I talked to a few Millwrights and their BA is signing contract with companies for scale and no benifits.