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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Wayne. Well put response but I suggest you ignore this guy. He does not care what you answers are and it was only a matter of time before he attacked you and your site. His mission is to dissuade members,criticize opposition,lie through his teeth (what few i am sure he has left) to cover for Mccarron and Spencer and to get you to waste you time answering his ridiculous posts.Why waste your time.
   The McCarron Council system is a complete failure and must be crushed in its present form. The NYC District Council is not a LOCAL problem it is a national problem.It is a shining example of the corruption of consolidation and you will find similar circumstances in Councils across the country. I cannot believe anyone would support McCarrons plans to further consolidate so he and his Spencers can rob the rank and file easier than they do now and with more gusto.
  McCarrons tier system consists of a pack of council rats and thieves extorting the locals unions and stealing their democratic rights and monies so a smaller pack of thieves can rob them. This is not theory but fact as per the example of the Empire and NYC District Councils. The International has stepped in and replaced the Council scum with International scum. The same pack of rats that have been robbing councils and locals across the country are now setting up the fleecing of the Eastern Councils and Locals. The only saving grace for NYC is the US Attorney Office and Review Officer. Its to bad this review Officer supports the rape of the Locals. Perhaps Mr. Walsh should rethink his dissolve the locals policy until he proves he can control the corruption of the Councils. He cannot even stop the head Rat McCarron from telling the RO to go ... imself.
  Wayne keep up the good work. A national movement is the answer and must be sorted out. Perhaps we can start by mobilizing to come to each others aid with protests and pickets of UBC entity's and locations. If a Local or rank and file group needs support perhaps we can set times and places to come to each others aid. How about if we set up tents across from MacCarron, Spencers and Glenns house so we can let their neighbors know who and what they are. We can blow the UBC whistles and act like infants similar to UBC organizers. We can have blow up rubber animals and chant rats in the building ,Rats in the house as these morons do.Sorry being a little sarcastic .
   Keep up the work and dont waste you time with council rats on a mission to derail any opposition movement