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This is the cause Richard.   Dilligence toward this,  a most common of themes,  as the most prolific ground wherein the whole bortherhood isn't necessary to best put forth the proper argument.

Once the feds got done telliing us what we already knew, That we were hoodwinked by too many reps & delegates & Mcarron utilizing  post facto supervision ( where every red flag that could have been raised, -was ) to implement pro corporate agenda's. He lucked into the thone in cali because his bosses, - the men he worked under were headed to jail.

The previous 15 years of  years of these sneak moves is diametrically opposed to what a union is.

I totally agree the Constitution states not these powers he claims and this is the Megalomania he strives for.

I got this Bush, - Got it Diane, -Got it Obama,-Got it NLRB, DOL, The Secy of labor fought on my behalf for mobility, saying its more important to society in general, " in the changing market driven environment".
Everyone but Union members seem to think they know whats best !

Take back your council before you loose the UBC !