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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Termite. No insult intended but I dont know if you would want our 370 Stewards. I think you would find them amusing and you certainly could not trust them. Being a Steward in Upstate NY does not mean squat. They are not afforded the same rights and protections as downstate. They do nothing to protect our members and their mission is to run cover for our corrupt local officers and support the policy's of the Council.
  85 percent of our stewards were appointed because they are somebody's relative, buddy or because they will not bother our officers with job site problems Their is no Steward training required to be a steward. Local 370 VP Douglas Blacklock told a super at Safeway Services that he was making a 2 year apprentice Steward over a 30 year journeyman. He told the Super he was justified because that Apprentice attended a meeting and was therefore better trained to be a steward. We have another Steward/Trustee who was fired for threatening to beat up his foreman. He was sent back out as Steward on another site where he was fired for stealing copper and tools. He was sent right back out as Steward on another job and another after that.
              Not all Stewards are drity but the majority of ours ARE.