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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
My beef is you try to make excuses for and support every council scum bag that comes down the pike. You go out of your way to lie for Spencer who is the dirt bag responsible for the corruption in NY as well as Upstate.
 The powers section you posted are the Council bylaws which you can wipe you ass with and are not the UBC Constitution. You posted Spencer has the power under the constitution so prove it. He has the power of the council under the trusteeship. The problem is the Council does not have the power you quoted as given them under the UBC Constitution. It is pure BS on your part and you continue to post this trash time and time again.. You brought up the 280 Lawsuit and ignored the entire case and posted the only the partial dismissal. Not the core of the case. Not the reasons for the partial dismissal in that case. Sorry council boy you posted the wrong case.
 While consolidation of all locals is a Walsh favorite and being supported by those wishing for a council job it is not in the best interest of the rank and file. Have you not been given proof of the dangers of consolidation by the examples of the corrupt councils across the US. Have you suddenly come up with a magic formula that cures the corruption of consolidation. I think not.
  Your locals may be dead but ours are alive and well and we will .fight the council rat bastards to the end. We are having a Special Call meeting tonight in Albany. It is to discuss new LOCAL bylaws. We are to vote on these bylaws at our February meeting. We have not had local bylaws since 1996. Suddenly the International rep, and Mccarron rat,Thomas Garrison demands we have local bylaws in place. Why. And Why now. If as per your BS the council has all power why do we suddenly need local bylaws?? Why.Because the Councils DO NOT have the power you claim.Garrison wants the council to seize complete control of our local and he DOES NOT have the power to do so. These new bylaws have wording that says the Local agrees to abide by and obey all council bylaws and decisions. It further says any changes to our bylaws must not only be approved by the UBC International but the council as well. Both violations of the UBC Constitution.IF WE DO NOT VOTE THESE BYLAWS IN PLACE GARRISON CANNOT SEIZE CONTROL OF OUR LOCAL. How is that possible or necessary if your BS where true.
    Stop misleading the rank and file with your pro council and pro International propaganda.Most of what you post is pure BS and when you are asked to prove it you cannot so you resort to name calling and spend you time trying to discredit the truth with pure BS and lies.