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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough

Let start withn .You can suck off and defend Spencer all you want,as you have always done, but he is a rat piece of crap and has done nothing but condone and or participated in corruption  in his councils since he took Offcie.Stick Franky in your ass.

"Locals are not permitted to have  any staff other than those needed to collect and record dues." Pure BS. Show me where the UBC Constitution restricts  who may be on a Local payroll.

"the Executive Secretary-Treasurer to execute Collective Bargaining Agreements for and on behalf of its affiliated Local Unions and as per the Constitution of the United Brotherhood." Pure BS. Show me where the UBC Constitution give the District Councils then exclusive right to negotiate the Locals CBA.

"The constitution requires members to belong to a local. It then gives all the powers to the councils."Pure BS. The UBC Constitution does NOT give all power to the Councils. The Council have seized the power becuase members are not educated or not willing to tell the Council scum to go ...themselves.

"Frank Spencer does not inform the membership as to what he is doing because under our bylaws and under the constitution, he does not have to."Pure BS .Stick your council bylaws in your ass and show us where toe Constitution says Spencer does not have to.'

Again pure propaganda and lies lies and more lies whose purpose is to deceive the rank and file.You can stick the councils and there rat bastards in your ass. We do NOT accept them or their bylaws and until Mccarrons Council system is crushed the UBC will continue its spiral into oblivion.