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— by John Musumeci John Musumeci
I was asked to post the following invitation to attend a Steward Meeting.



Many Stewards do their jobs on a daily basis without any recognition of a job well done. We are the caretakers of our Union. However, more and more often the very men and women whose rights we protect hold us in contempt, justifiably so in some cases.

In light of the August 2009 Indictments and subsequent guilty pleas, in which 5 of 10 persons indicted & convicted were Stewards, this is to be expected. Due to this, morale among Stewards is at an all time low. The credibility of Stewards is in jeopardy, but we believe we can work together to change this negative perception.

If you are tired of doing this alone and wish to change our condition for the better, consider volunteering your suggestions and / or time in assisting to form a Stewards’ organization to be recognized at some point by the union.

Stewards, to succeed we ask that you consider the following:

*The formation of a Recognized Steward Body advocating on behalf of all Stewards
*Name of this Steward Body: (Consider acronyms like “STEW / STU“ would be ideal)
*Creation of a Mission Statement (What our goals / objectives should be)
*Possible Meeting Locations (e.g. Churches / Community Centers / Etc.)

We need Volunteer Stewards who have skills & abilities in the following areas:

*Organizing / Group Dynamics / Negotiating
*Web Hosting / Web Design / Blog Creation
*Public Speaking / Public Relations
*Creative Writing / Speech Writing / Proposal Writing
*Teaching / Instruction / Class or Workshop Creation
*Book Keeping / Accounting / Fund-raising
*Labor Law / Contract Law / Political Science
*Parliamentary Procedure / Robert’s Rules Of Order

As Stewards for the Rank & File Carpenters of our Union we call for a STEWARDS ONLY MEETING on Friday, 01/14/11 (union cards will be checked for steward status) at The Moonstruck Diner at 4:30 PM (back room). The location of the diner is 400 West 23rd Street (corner of 9th Ave) in the borough of Manhattan. The meeting will be informal as usual. The last of the donated Tee-Shirts and Information Folders will be handed out free at this meeting.

Share the Rank & File’s feedback regarding the recent Dissolution of Local 608, the Pay Raise Giveback of 01/01/11, and the Immediate Opening of Contract Negotiations.