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I have been to your website, I suppose that anyone reading any of the forums regarding the carpenters union is going to eventually go there since you post a link to your website repeatedly on all the sites.
It does not appear to change at all with the same posts being all that is ever there.
 What  I have failed to see is any mention of the means by which you intend to enact any
of these changes you  wish to see implemented. Your claim of having spent years researching democracy would not seem to have given you any ideas on how to correct the situation.  
I personally am tired of reading a list of what is wrong with this union with no answers being offered as to how to correct these issues.
The UBC is not going to alter the current system, even if they were to enact any changes, they would be minimal and only to the extent of curtailing other member rights.
I see no purpose in seeking only contract ratification or direct elections to  select  positions within the council.
I see no purpose in trying to make a national issue out of a local problem. The problems listed on your website are local problems.  
The UBC is a national problem, but if stripped of his omnipotent EST’s,  the UBC would be curtailed. McCarron simply would not be able to operate without the backing of the current system of member exclusion.    
The simple fact is that all any council has to do is to make their council a local, which is what they are in reality, to correct the current situation. The current powerless locals should be dissolved as they are only powerless money pits.