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— by Wayne Harley Wayne Harley
Dear Brothers and Sisters, over the last couple of years I have done a lot of research about our organization. I would like everyone to know that my intentions are to help make us a stronger Union. To accomplish this we all need to educate ourselves about how a union works. The UBC like many other unions have lost there basic democratic rights to vote directly for their business managers and to ratify contracts.  “All Business Agents should be elected by the Membership of the Local union not appointed.”   Along with this we should also have the right to vote on our contracts. This battle has been fought for many years local by local in New York and New England. I would like our Rank and File to join together and unite as one to restore democracy in our once great organization. If we do this our voice will become strong and we will restore our basic rights. Join us in this fight I know this has been going on for many years but not at a National level. Together we the dues paying rank and file will win. Please look at our web site and join.   Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Wayne Harley
Member LU 1765