The Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries (WC&C)

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The Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries (WC&C)

Someone needs to tell Mike Weber that the new local is just a "concept" that was casually mentioned by McCarron.  This is not about our skills or the OWL, they are saying it's the "cost of labor".  How will full mobility reduce "cost of labor"?  Trying to put a number to it aren't you fellas?  Don't lie to us: Full Mobility is on the table, the question is --how are you going to dress it up to present it to the members?  Cause if the the tag line is, "it will create more hours", we are unto that BS d'errico.  Contractors have had a 60-30 ratio on their side for years, they fire people with no just cause; why are they not competitive?  
"Don’t pop the champagne bottle yet."

This year nearly every major construction labor union contract in New York City is up for renewal.
Most important to us is our agreement with the New York City District Council of Carpenters.
2011 is viewed as the most crucial point in our history by most construction professionals. We
are the first association to have started negotiations and the industry is watching us.

The most significant difference I am witnessing — in my nearly forty year involvement with
labor negotiations — is the cooperation between labor and management. For the first time there
is an honesty as to what the real problems are, an understanding of the needs of each side and an
effort to find a solution acceptable to all.

The major problem as we all know is the loss of market share to the nonunion sector. The cause
is the vast difference in the cost of labor. The solution is to reduce labor costs without negatively
affecting our most important asset, the union carpenter. In a labor intensive industry such as interior systems, where labor can account for as much as eighty percent of total cost, the solution
to the problem becomes a matter of survival.

We are working together with consideration toward working conditions, government imposed
restrictions, wages, hours and benefits. There will be more negotiation sessions before we are
through and lots of work to be done. We have proposals for both short term changes and long
range goals such as positive reform of benefit plans. There is still a long way to go but we would
like to complete this process in time to set an example for others.

In addition to a fair contract we must concentrate on educating our contractors, labor leaders and
workers and secure legislative action to level the playing field. Together labor and management
must market our industry in terms of quality, efficiency, safety, project management and above
all, value.

I believe that we will do what is best for our industry and start on the road towards revival of
union construction in the City of New York and its surrounding area. While the task is daunting,
the participants are optimistic and up for the challenge. We are New York!
                 — John DeLollis Executive Director

On the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) our initial dialog with our negotiation with the carpenters has been promising.  Don’t pop the champagne bottle yet.  First I need to know that the Kool-Aid we’ve been drinking is not spiked.  With the newly informed interior systems local and a proposed labor/management cooperation committee, these negotiations are shaping up to be quite different from my past experiences.  With the glass half full, I remain cautiously optimistic.  With unprecedented  unemployment and eroding union market share our opportunity to become more competitive is NOW.  Labor and management needs to START OVER and work through our differences for the survival of our industry.  Stay tuned and stay engaged.
— Mike Weber President
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Re: The Association of Wall-Ceiling and Carpentry Industries (WC&C)

two point - first, on a positive note: The Article on Page 8 & 9 for IRS In Plan Rollovers to Roth IRA Accounts for 401(K) and 403(b) Plans is very informative. Similar precsrciptions were made for Paticipants in "Multi-Employer Defined Benefit Pension Plans" where members have Pension & Annuity Fund Accounts, such as UBC Carpenters.

In July of 2006, the Pension Protection Act of 2006 was passed into law & it was amended by the Joint Committee on Taxation in Congress on 12-15-08. In short, under Ch 829, it allows members to conduct "direct trustee to trustee rollovers of Annuity Monies" into a "Std. IRA or Roth IRA" & negates UBC and/or Fund Trust Agrrements requiring a 2-year seperation in service (recorded hours). NERCC requires a 2 year hold & has refused to pay members Interest on their monies to account from fraudulent investment losses to the funds of $760M dollars.

While they are into their Funding Improvement Plan (FIP) with the gov't, so they do not fall below the critical or endangered staus, they earned 18% on the monies & paid members squat on interest. This will go on for 10+ years at current rates.

Point - When you roll it over under this law a) you make the interest, but also have to manage it wisely (for those who do not need a wd, no taxes, no early wd or penalties apply) b) for those who may need a wd to survive, you are only taxed on the amount you take & in the year of the wd. Don;t let them tell you no either, as it is a violation of ERISA/EBSA & IRS reg's for them to disallow it. If they do, they face $1,000 a day in fines (payable to you) and up to 10-years in the pen.

If you need the money, get it, as it remains your money...regardless of what they tell you.

The UBC will make the argument on the Wage Gap between the Non-Union Sector & the Union one. Essentially, the UBC will defend the reduction in wages to our Ranj & File by reverse psychology. Instead of arguing for us, the UBC & Contractor Associations will actually start justifying the Reduction in our Wages & Benefits by using the numbers from their alter-ego/double-breasted operations for both legit Non-Union Firms and for the 1099 Firms.

The UBC will compare those figures to the hourly wage & benefit package(s) in all areas of UBC Contracts for varying work & will come up with "Wage Gap" numbers for the difference between the three and use this argument to say that NYCDCC members are overpaidm thus setting the stage for bringing those numbers down and in parity to the Non-Union wages (with or without benefits, taxes, insurance etc).

They will lie, spin it 100-ways and make up stories of how & why it will increase man-hours all around.

The truth to the matter is simply this, whatever they sell out on & pare the Total Package down to, these monies shall go right back into Corporate Coffers & show up as Profit on th eCorporate Balance Shhet, money in their pocket, not yours.

The MAN-HOURS will not go up one-iota....that is the biggest lie of all.

Another fact often not discussed is that year after year Union Members become more productive, skilled & efficient at their jobs, thus decreasing man-hours as opposed to increasing them due to worker & training efforts & improvements in material systems used to build projects whihc speed the jobs up.

Botton Line, it is not the skills, the training, the lack of productivity, the OWL or anything other than pure old-fashioned greed & a new UBC Corporatism which is fully in bed with, and negotiating from the same side of the Table with the Contractor Associations.

While the feign to feel your pain & do the I'm listening routine - the fact is they feel nothing simply due to their wage & 2 for 1 benefit packages & associated perks which come with their jobs. The UBC under Doug McCarron no longer stands for the rank & file.

So ask the fealress leaders directly, prior to any so-called negotaitions commencing, what exactly is the wage gap between the three? See what they say, watch them roll out the graphs & pie charts and presentations which they've busily p[epared over the last year.

You'll end up having meetings where you will see them not standing for you, but rather - justifying these numbers to reduce your total package....just watch.