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..."Today's litigious environment and constantly shifting regulatory landscape raise extraordinary questions and risks for employers. This is why Littler offers such a wide range of employment law solutions. With more than 950 attorneys, 55 locations and a practice that extends into every area of workplace law, we can address any corporate compliance, labor, employment or benefits issue.

Founded in 1942 by the head of California's War Labor Board, the law firm of Littler Mendelson has always served the needs of the nation's employers. Over the last sixty-plus years, we have been business' strongest advocate, curbing union abuse when labor was at its height, and now, standing with employers as they face the onslaughts of governmental regulation, an aggressive plaintiffs' bar and a resurgent labor movement.

Organized labor continues to be a powerful international force that wields enormous influence over the nation and its employers, organized or otherwise. Almost every business strategy or decision, from mergers and acquisitions to downsizing and outsourcing, has the potential to be affected by labor issues.

For more than six decades, Littler has represented management in its dealings with organized employees and their union representatives, serving as counterpoint to the world's most powerful labor organizations. As business partners, the attorneys in Littler's Labor Management Relations group take a strategic approach to every engagement, helping employers manage representation elections, negotiate contracts, prepare for and respond to strikes, arbitrate grievances, and minimize the effectiveness of corporate campaigns. Littler attorneys have represented employers before thousands of NLRB and state labor relations agency hearings and arbitrations, and have regularly defended and pursued clients' labor interests in the federal courts. Littler advises employers that have no experience with unions, as well as employers that have decades-old, mature bargaining relationships. Whether an employer is confronted with mass picketing outside its facility or has just learned that a union is trying to organize its employees, Littler has the depth of experience to guide management to advantageous, legal and practical solutions"...