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Pro Tem 12 Months Your Ass

It appears the 1 year in office so hand picked cronies can become entrenched plan is still alive and well in the UBC and being forced on members yet again for another newly created UBC BS Local.

    Exposed during the NY/NJ mergers and Mentioned by the Federal Court in Oregon, SAVAGE v. TWEEDY, ET AL. and made Danny Boy Shanley pee himself in the Dirty Doug deposition ,it is a plan to keep hand picked cronies in office for a year,deny elections for a year and cronies are instructed "if you tell the same lie long enough members will accept it as fact". In the SAVAGE v. TWEEDY, ET AL deposition of "Ice Cream" Dougy he testified under oath

THE WITNESS(Dirty Doug): I've never seen this
 before. There's nothing on it, no signature --
 MR. SHANLEY(aka: Crooked Teeth,Danny Boy): Did the UBC create exhibit
 THE WITNESS(Dirty Doug): No.

HMM. If you have never seen it before how do you know Dougy??Seriously Dougy. In my humble opinion you are a dumb ass.

Maybe if they subpoena Scotty he will tell a different story.

Now in NYC its has been revived and forced on the members by McDumbass.

Dougy Dougy Tsk Tsk..
First the video with your brother on you tube."I am not a Carpenter""I am collecting my pension while working""I did not give her the $60,000 somebody else did".

Then The "Can I shit Ice Cream" outburst.

Then things like this and your "swammy mommy" visits..
   .. there is no way an ignorant ass such as yourself is calling the shots at the UBC. I mean its on record that you are Tutor and Blums bitch already but....

I loved the "adapt of die " slogan but it appears as is happening now it should read "adapt by lies"

Lies such as the UBC is allowed to appoint Pro Tems and there is no time limit. Well if you were not a dumb ass or working for the UBC you would know that Ice Cream Doug has stated and signed for the record that the time limit for UBC appointed Pro Tems is 6 months.Then an election must be held.

 "the court said that the question of whether the
International is liable depends on whether the
 actions were part of a broader conspiracy to
 suppress dissent and the question of how the
International responds to opposition to the creation
 of locals and whether there's an overall pattern of
 how it does so is relevant to that question."

Pattern of Criminal Behavior. Thank you for yet another piece of the puzzle.McDumbass
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Re: Pro Tem 12 Months Your Ass

Big Doug
Richard do  like sprinkles ?