MOBILITY, the Right of Exclusion & McCarrons 50-State RTW Mobility Scam

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Re: MOBILITY & the Right of Exclusion - McCarron's 50-State RTW 100% Mobility Scheme


So, Local 26, 275 & 111 bit the Dust eh?

Welcome to Mac's 50-State RTW Scam; other wise known as 100% Full Mobility w/ No Right to Vote, No Right to Speak & Corporate Unionism being shoved up your proverbial Ass. Yeah Bro; it is entirely fascist and illegal; moreover it's bloody treasonous and it reeks of Criminal Racketeering.

You get the Union you don't have the Balls or Brains to Stand up for, posturing, bald face lies & distortion of the truth aside. Neuro-Linguistic Hypnosis Bro - they all major in it & take the brainwashing seminars over deah at Harvard Bro.

Don't be over-zealous Bro !

watcha gonna do bout it bro?