IRS Protects and Rewards Illegal Aliens

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IRS Protects and Rewards Illegal Aliens

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Whether intentional or otherwise, the Internal Revenue Service all too often sides with illegal aliens who routinely commit multiple employment-related felonies that do terrible harm to American citizens. The favoritism that the IRS extends to illegal aliens includes the following:

back taxes
The IRS turns a blind eye to felony Social Security fraud committed by an estimated 75 percent of all illegal aliens who use fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers (SSNs) to obtain jobs and to pay taxes. When the IRS receives taxes paid by illegal aliens using an American's Social Security number, it ignores the crimes being committed — identity theft, Social Security fraud, forgery, and perjury on I-9 forms. And, rather than turning the illegal aliens over to law enforcement authorities, the IRS protects the illegal aliens because, as a former IRS Commissioner said: "We want your money whether you are here legally or not and whether you earned it legally or not."

The IRS allows illegal aliens to file income tax returns that include income earned on both a fraudulently obtained Social Security number and an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) in spite of the fact that, according to the IRS website, "By law, an alien individual cannot have both an ITIN and a SSN."

The IRS refuses to notify American citizens when illegal aliens use their and their children's Social Security numbers to earn income and pay payroll and income taxes. When citizens try to get information about illegal aliens using their Social Security numbers, the government accuses them of invading the illegal aliens' privacy.

When illegal aliens fail to pay taxes on the money they earn using an American's stolen Social Security number, the IRS ignores the illegal alien who is committing multiple job-related felonies and demands that the American, whose number has been stolen, pay the taxes even though she didn't earn the income and is the victim of illegal alien-driven identity theft.

According to Treasury Department auditors, the IRS allows illegal aliens filing returns using ITINs to obtain millions of dollars in credits and deductions to which they are not entitled as non-permanent aliens.

Under President Obama's executive amnesty program, the IRS will ensure that illegal aliens received Income Tax Credits even though they have committed felonies by using Social Security numbers belonging to American men, women, and children and, in many cases, never have paid taxes. The owners of the stolen Social Security numbers used by these same illegal aliens will get no assistance from the IRS for the damages that they have suffered — tax liabilities for income earned on their SSNs, denial of means-tested benefits, arrest records attached to their SSNs, and corrupted medical records.

Most recently, the IRS allowed hackers to obtain the tax records of hundreds of thousands of Americans, thereby giving illegal aliens potential access to the vast amount of personal information that is included on individual tax returns. This makes it possible for illegal aliens to assume the total identities of Americans and to defeat E-Verify checks.
Congressional efforts to force the IRS to put Americans ahead of illegal aliens have consistently failed, but that does not prevent the IRS from voluntarily changing its ways and standing up for Americans if it really wants to.

According to the CIS, Treasury Department auditors say the favoritism the IRS shows to illegal aliens who are filing illegal tax returns includes allowing them to use Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to obtain millions of dollars in deductions and credits, which they’re not entitled to receive because they’re non-permanent aliens.
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Re: IRS Protects and Rewards Illegal Aliens

Some base First Amendment precedent:

...the creation and dissemination of information are speech for First Amendment purposes. See, e.g. , Bartnicki v. Vopper , 532 U. S. 514 .

...“the fear that people would make bad decisions if given truthful information” cannot justify content-based burdens on speech. Thompson v. Western States Medical Center , 535 U. S. 357 .


Wow; the truth hurts - right? So then; why would you seemingly question your ability to post truthful information to inform the otherwise uninformed UBC rank & file member of their basic rights and then bemoan what you, not I posted? How is educating those inclined to learn some how not worthy of staying on this blog? Are you not aware that the blog owner supports free speech & the first amendment?

The interesting portions left out of your article is their ability to obtain a Driver License and then use that to vote; albeit, illegally and typically for the democrat handing out all the free crap....such as:

Section 8 Housing vouchers, Food Stamps, free Oil, Gas, Propane or Electric for heating, Free Medical care, Free Land Line, Free Obama phone, Free education etc.

Moreover, the mainstream media (MSM) have falsely claimed 12-million Illegal Aliens since 1990. The fact is there are well over 60-Million Illegal Aliens in America right now; all of whom should be deported.    

America does not need them, nor do we need the associated costs of their being here, notwithstanding the murders, rapes, home invasions and other crimes committed or the drugs and crime they bring over our borders every day. Also - it is not fair to those who come here the right way and have paid their dues, learned the language and assimilated into our culture, who study and work hard to improve themselves and the lives of their future generations.  

The illegal aliens (criminal aliens) along with the Femocrat's are ruining this once great country and in concert w/ the corrupt Obama administration are going to bankrupt the nation. When Obama leaves office we'll have +-$20 Trillion in national debt and soon, the yearly budget will not suffice to service the interest on the debt - yet; idiots, imbeciles & morons supporting both Sanders & Clinton can't see the forest for the trees and would have us put the EU Rope around America's neck and continue down the path to bankruptcy, poverty, riots and a permanent militarized police state.