Here's What's Really HAPPENING!

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Here's What's Really HAPPENING!

1) Amalgamated is currently focused on representing members in NLRB proceedings. When it is successful it will represent all dockbuilder employees.
2) Once the NLRB certifies the election in favor of the Amalgamated Dockbuilders all members will have Amalgamated Dockbuilder cards.
3) UNLIKE the UBC, there will be no appointees; MEMBERS will ELECT their officers.
4) Amalgamated Dockbuilders have already funded the pensions of their retirees. AGAIN, there will be no appointees; the members will elect their Benefit Fund Trustees
5) We will conduct specialized dockbuilder training in appropriate space. Rank and file members will decide the location of THEIR union hall.
6) After the NLRB certification all contractors will no longer be signatories of the NYCDCC but will be signatories to the Amalgamated Dockbuilders..
7) The will be NO CUTS to wages OR benefits
8) The members will decide what to do with their pensions.
9) Construction Managers will continue to hire subcontractors who have traditionally performed the work. Following the NLRB proceeding those contactors will be signed with the Amalgamated Dockbuilders
10) NO! Amalgamated was created to give members a free, fair and democratic union.
11) Amalgamated Carpenters are seeking to represent current members but we will undertake aggressive organizing efforts once we are certified. We will DEFINITELY have more success than the UBC. We will seek to organize any and all companies with dockbuilding work and willing to meet area pay standards.
12) The PAINTERS do not determine dues check-off. MEMBERS will make their decisions for themselves. Our check-off will be at 2%.
13) You WON’T lose your job because you vote Amalgamated Dockbuilder. This vote determines who represents you not whether or not you keep your job. BY LAW your employer will have to hire from the union that represents you. You WILL BE REPRESENTED by the Amalgamated Dockbuilders NOT the Painters’ union. Rest assured, you will NOT LOSE your pension! FEDERAL LAW protects it! See: U.S. Code, Title 29, Chapter 18, subchapter 666111, subtitle E, Part 2.
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Re: Here's What's Really HAPPENING!

So ,what really has happen to this painter ?

Here is the question :
 -Which house painter wrote a best seller in prison and won the Iron Cross twice for bravery?