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page 30, July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2011 CBA (Contract)

"Section 8. - Wages - Wage rates and fringe benefit contribution[s] within the bargaining unit shall be determined and/or reallocate[d] by [the] sic, Union at its sole discretion."


This language has to be eliminated from the Contract, the CBA. It is one of the primary tools the UBCJA & Disrict Council use to screw the rank & file members out of negotiated & contractual wage increase - money that actually hits your paycheck.

When the corrupt Benefit Fund so called Trustees & Fiduciaries steal & embezzle monies, and/or invent & invest in fraudulent schemes and investment products outside of the limitations placed upon them by ERISA, EBSA, SEC regs & IRS rules; and whether they directly steal the monies or incur losses in fraudulent ponzi schemes & the like - the above Contract Langauge provides them with the source {REVENUE} to cover their illegal losses and the  brazen theft, and use the members rightly earned pay raises as the primary means to avoid Jail time.

They do it right under the nose of the DOL (another corrupt Federal Agency of do nothing hacks) and with the apparent blessing of the USAO here in New York.

Were the USAO'S Office actually doing its job under the terms & conditions of the Consent Decree, they would direct the UBCJA & NYCDCC to strike this lanaguage from any & all Contract Language within the CBA's and the Trust Fund Agreements.

The NLRA was enacted to provide the worker & employee the means to negotiate for all wages, hours & working conditions, by duly chosen representatives. Elections at the Local Union level and the District Council have not yet occurred.

McCarron, Spencer & Ballantyne were not duly chosen by the NYCDCC rank & file workers & employees and have limited authority under the Trusteeship and Consent Decree while the aforementioned autonomy to run their own affairs is temporarily suspended.

The UBCJA's proposed Restructuring Plan, section 5(B) provides qualifying language for the so-called newly empowered Council Deleagte Body (CDB) of a "NON-BINDING VOTE".

The UBC's Restructuring Plan is nothing more than Smoke & Mirrors, which by design is being forced through to achieve an illegtimate end, which the LMRDA specifically prohibits for Trusteeships at any level.

The silence from the USAO & IRO is deafening. Elimination of fraud & corruption cannot begin unless and until the USAO, the IRO and the Court eliminate the very language from the Contracts & Benefit Fund Trust Funds which allows the fraud & theft to flourish and to go unabated in the first instance.

NYCDCC members pay directly for the IRO's monthly billings & expenses, pay indirectly for the UBCJA's lead counsel through the per capita taxes collected, pay indirectly for the United States Attorneys Office and its attorneys working on this case; and also pay indirectly for the costs associated with running the Federal Court through income taxes.

For 21-years, this has been a game of easy money for all of the aforementioned parties. Yet, Rank & File members of the Carpenters have got zero in return on their investment dollars to rid the District Council of the corruption.

Suffice it to say - were UBC members in NYCDCC to take 21-years to produce zero, all would have been summarily fired. It is time that those on the public dole, or the direct payroll of the NYCDCC did their damn jobs and produce some tangible results.